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Rhinestone skeleton hoodie



Combine elegance with practicality with this beautiful skeleton hoodie.

Part of the urban trend and streetwear fashion, this garment will enhance your unique style. Delicately adorned with small rhinestones forming a skeleton pattern, this skeleton hoodie is one of our signature pieces. This garment features medium pockets and a soft hood for maximum comfort.

With its slightly loose fit, it fits perfectly around the body and gives a casual style. To express your femininity and show off your elegance, you can half-zip it.

Made from high quality materials, this rhinestone hoodie will keep its shine for many years. For optimal care, we recommend hand washing.

Affirm your values with a hoodie that fits you!

Want to showcase your mysterious, complex personality and casual style? Then this hoodie featuring an original, sublime and dark motif will be your favorite piece of clothing. It will add a retro and gothic touch to your look!

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