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Strong symbols of independence spirit, our skeleton hoodies are made for all fans of urban and streetwear style. They will allow you to assert your values and challenge societal conformity.

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A stylish garment emblematic of the streetwear trend

The skeleton hoodie is and remains a must-have of the urban style. Often associated with the streetwear trend y2k, it stands out for its atypical patterns representing skeletons dancing. If the design may seem provocative, it is no less symbolic and classy. Evoking death and the macabre aspect of life, the skeleton has aroused fear and questioning in many civilizations. If you want to add a mystical and dark side to your style, whether you are male or female, then you will enjoy wearing one of our sweatshirts.

A brand specialized in skeleton hoodies and jackets

Our idea started from a desire to create a reference store in skeleton hoodies and streetwear/y2k fashion, for men and women. Our brand offers a wide range of authentic hoodies and sweatshirts, characterized by skeleton prints, embroidery and even rhinestone forming skeletal patterns. Our clothing is aimed at people who want to express their urban identity, their unique style and their tendency to defy the rules of society.

Our mission is to provide you with hoodies that you can feel comfortable in, express your mysterious and complex personality and show off your sense of style. If you’re looking for an urban look that stands out, with a touch of retro, gothic and hip hop style, then our sweatshirts are for you. Size up one or more sizes above your standard size to wear the oversized look and embrace street style. Our clothes pair perfectly with sneakers, long slacks, jeans or sweatpants.

The skeleton hoodie, with its casual, mysterious and dark aspects, has come back to the forefront with streetwear and y2k fashion. And for good reason, it has been worn and popularized by major rap stars.

Our skeleton sweatshirt designs are created by designers who are passionate about streetwear and known for their artistic sense.

Most of our hoodies come from Europe and are shipped all over the world, mainly to the USA.